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Who was she?

Emma Dupree (July 4, 1897 - March 12, 1996) was an herbalist and traditional healer (sometimes called a "granny woman") in Falkland and Fountain, Pitt County, North Carolina. Emma Dupree's "garden-grown pharmacy" included sassafras, white mint, double tansy, rabbit tobacco, maypop, mullein, catnip, horseradish, silkweed and other plants from which she made tonics, teas, salves and dried preparations. These were cultivated in her yard and gathered from the banks of the Tar River. She told Karen Baldwin that she grew a special tree in her back yard, which she called her "healing berry tree


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 TBone Your Certified Herbalist

Can you list two common herbs you can grow to assist with:

  • bloating, gas,

  • restless sleep,

  • indigestion

  • spasmodic respiratory,

  • nausea, colic,

  • IBS

  • neural irritability 

  • menstrual cramps, prostaglandin inhibition,

  • antibacterial and anti-fungal.  

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" I was a bit skeptical about the herb world. I had been trained as a RN.  Materialists, evidence-based, chemicals, drugs, pills, disease and cure were my protocol in thinking. Herbs were alternative medicine. Until my body developed a systemic infection they couldn't cure. New state of the art drugs, the latest and greatest but to no avail. A friend suggested I check out TBone. I asked him, "Does this stuff work?"  I remember what he said, "Sorry we only have thousands and hundreds of years of experience, and knowledge passed down to us, not 3-5 year trials. Let the herbs and body decide how to work in your system.  They hold the healing power."  Three months later, what had plagued me for years had disappeared. Now, I refer anyone willing to be open to TBone."   


- Janice Trembold, APRN

"I felt really fatigued, looked pale and began to loose tons of weight.  I ran to the medical doctors who took tons of tests, but could not figure out what was going on.  Second month, I met TBone, he was a licensed massage therapist.  I then learned he also had experience as an herbalist and set up a consultation. " I don't diagnose, but as an herbalist the way you answered the consult questions, your lymphatic system is yelling at you!" TBone asked me, "have you ever lived near or next to a chemical plant or something?"  OMG, he was spot on.  We started a drastic diet and herbal regime to support my lymphatic system while the doctors tried to figure it out.  End of third month, they determined it was lymphoma.  However, they noted my inflamed lymph nodules were shrinking and clearing for some reason. We continued the herbs with the intention of doing as much as possible before chemo.  As precaution I listened to the doc and did the chemo.  I had none of the usual side effects.  I really think it was the herbs and diet that helped me to survive it all.  It's been 8 years lymph clean.  Thanks TBone! 

  - Dominic Culpeper


Herbal Workshop Updates

 With COVID-19 working through the ecosystem we will do the natural thing in physical distancing to show care & collaboration for others in helping to mitigate the risks. We hope CA will be at a point in the near future where we can conduct workshops again. We will decrease the number of participants toward smaller workshops.   Can't wait to teach you more about anti-viral herbs to prep for fall and winter seasons. At this point the herbal workshop scheduled in North Carolina  will now be a virtual series on October 3,10 & 17th.  

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  • Anemia and herbs

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