Working together

"The healing comes from nature and not from the physician.  Therefore the physician must start from nature with an open mind." 

-Paracelsus -

Hi there!

My name is Sherie and I have a story to share with you! Several years ago, TBone McGowian taught a series of medicinal herb courses at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College where I am a program manager. Little did I realize he had an herbal preparation for what I had been rather unfondly referring to as my “troll toe.” Throughout my lifetime, I have struggled with occasional eczema, but never on my feet. Yet something was going on with the 2nd toe of my right foot, just next to my big toe. It sounds small, but when you walk on your feet all day, even a small thing is a big concern.


I had tried literally everything to cure my toe! I tried every eczema medication I had been prescribed. No improvement. I tried over the counter remedies. No improvement. I considered the idea that this might be athlete’s foot, although I’d never had it before. But the over the counter treatments and anti-fungal creams also failed to yield any improvement! The itching and oozing were unrelenting! My 2nd toe became swollen and reminded me of a little sausage. That was when I started calling it my “troll toe.” If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. I could not even bend it! And next it began spreading across the bottom of my foot and to my other toes. I was truly miserable!

Then TBone taught us to make a healing wound balm using Comfrey and other herbs. This pleasant smelling green ointment was worth a try! Within just a few days of using the wound balm, the itching and oozing began to subside, and within a week, my “troll toe” was back to normal! I was beside myself with relief!! I obtained a comfrey plant of my own and have been harvesting and making my own comfrey wound balm ever since! I cannot thank TBone enough for introducing me to the cure which was not only effective, but 100% natural! It has even been effective in treating my occasional outbreaks of eczema on my hands! I am over the moon about this product and recommend it highly!



My name is Catrina

My encounter with TBone has been a godsend. I had a brain tumor. The medication the doctors prescribed had wreaked havoc on my reproductive system.  We knew from the beginning that the medication would probably make me sterile or kill my ability to have children. I had been in this state for 9 years, now in my 30's. My heart ached and long to hold a child. TBone had previously worked with my Dad.  He figured out my dad needed lymph system support way before the doctors even knew what it was and started my father on a lymphatic cleansing and building formula.  Three months in the doctors figured out it was lymphoma, but for some reason it was healing.  The rest is great history.  

When TBone started working with me he didn't make any promises or guarantees. He never does. He only said, "Let's try to give the body what it needs and see what it does. It has the answers, not me."  We worked over a period of six months, gaging formulas that wouldn't interfere with my other medications, but at the same give my reproductive system a fighting chance.  It was hard, I almost lost hope and stopped.  However, we noticed an unexpected result, the tumor was reducing in size also.  I made my own decision to slowly wean the medications. I didn't want to take the chance of birth defects if I got pregnant. Nine months into working the herbs, diet change, massage, etc, I got pregnant.  My husband and I could not believe it.  Years of being told "it's not going to happen" finally happened. It was a very sensitive pregnancy. Tons of bed rest, the raspberry tea and other herbal teas.  Nine months later we had a beautiful baby. I told the doctor if I needed to go back to my regular dosage of the medication I would.  Well the tumor continued to shrink as I followed the regime.  Then baby two came...ha..ha. 

Thanks TBone!