For the Immune Boost Herbal Symposium virtual classes, October 3, 10, 17th, you will need these additional items for the class if you are making product live with TBone on October 10th.

List here

Herbal Kit

Congratulations!  You have signed up for the virtual herbal workshop.  This herbal kit supplies you with various herbs and supplies we will use to make several of the herbal preparations. Please know that you can also purchase the herbs from another source for the class. I priced other places and to buy the minimum size portion each herb, will cost around $195. The portions in the kit are specific measurements suited for the class. 

It includes chamomile, elderflowers, linden flowers, yarrow, boneset, echinacea, astragalus, elderberry, licorice root, cayenne, fennel, cloves, peppermint, comfrey oil,  2oz cosmetic container.  The herbal kits will be shipped on September 19th for Virtual Fall Series (Oct. 3, 10, 17) classes. Please see the list of other personal supplies you will need here.



A blend of nourishing herbs and minerals for guys to rebuild from that depleted, exhausted state.  Tonic tea to build and nourish while supplying adrenal support.  4oz loose-leaf; (hawthorn, lemon balm, nettles, diamana, oats...and more)


Every Woman

This blend of herbs tones and supports the female reproductive system.  4oz loose-leaf: (raspberry, thistile, nettle, peppermint, clover...and more)


Passage Way

A simply blend of herbs to help reduce constriction and relax the spasming brionchiles in the lung.  In the case story, John used this formula when he felt a bit of respiratory congestion.  4oz loose-leaf



A blend of nervine herbs to relax that wired sympathetic system.  Kick that parasymapatheric nervous system into gear and relax a  little.  4oz loose-leaf: (orange peel, valerian root, chamomile, passionflower...and more)


Open Air

A blend of demulcent and tonic herbs to tonify and build better respiratory system dealing with dry constricting conditions.  This is the tea used as part of John's regime in the case story.  4oz loose leaf.  


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