Working together

"The healing comes from nature and not from the physician.  Therefore the physician must start from nature with an open mind." 

-Paracelsus -

As a vitalist herbalist how one approaches wholeness and health is crucial.  

John's friend referred him.  John suffered from constricting asthma most of his life since childhood. He had been prescribed heavy doses of steroids, prednisone, albuterol inhalers, by his doctor to no avail. He also experienced severe debilitating psoriasis and eczema outbreaks.   Here's the reality as a vitalist. No two people are the same, therefore each case is different and needs an individualized approach. 

Lately he had felt tired, exhausted, rundown and continually experienced prolonged colds and flus that often morphed into devastating respiratory infections and issues like bronchitis, pneumonia. I asked to him get a blood test for food intolerances. 

From the questionnaire consultation John's tissue terrain in the digestive system exhibited "deficient dry" (poor protein and fat digestion, carbohydrate cravings, pale-looking, thin unable to gain weight, cold in extremities, dry mouth & tongue with mucous covering, prone to food allergies, etc.) His lungs seemed dry and he exhibited an irritating dry cough. 

Our goal was not to simply give him some herbs to address his current symptoms but to help the vital energy within his body begin to restore and heal itself. I suggest several herbs to gently cleanse and restore while adding some demulcent herbs to bring moisture. (decoction- Opening tea  which I grew in my backyard herb garden) 

(2) Vitalism It's more than just giving herbs

 As we continued to work together, John shared that none of the doctors could figure out his digestive system issues. They simply kept throwing drugs at the problems. In our consultation I asked for some personal history of the onset of his digestive issues.


We discovered a strong connection to a traumatic event that seemed to be the focal point of the onset.  I explained how it's possible that certain traumatic events can actually disrupt our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, possibly affecting us in various ways.  Since I am a licensed massage therapist with an emphasis in trauma touch, we implemented several sessions within our protocol.  

I also encouraged John to look into qigong or some type of diaphragmatic breathing exercises with meditation. 


 John's tasks was simply to (1) avoid the foods he showed reactions to (milk, eggs, nuts, white flour,  plus limit refined sugar and processed foods), eat better (2) take the first set of herbs to add some moisture to his body and gently cleanse and restore, (3)  two massage sessions per month, (one deep tissue and other lymphatic massage) (4) breathing exercises  

After completing the second month, we introduced Echinacea angustifolia, astragalus and eleuthro capsules into his regimen. to strengthen immune system, adrenal glands. If John felt his lungs tightening slightly, he sipped a cup of Passage.  I showed John how to grow this own herbs and reputable places to purchase the herbs if he didn't like gardening. 

In the third month we introduced the liver of life tincture to give more support to the liver in gently detoxifying the liver and tone. 


 John continued to faithfully on his own to follow the regime for six months.  His partner reported to me. John had completely stopped all his steroidal asthma drugs.  His psoriasis,  eczema, dry itching skins issues were gone. Had not experienced a severe asthma attack in months.  People remarked on his glowing skin.  He expressed amazement how the massage and safe touch had relaxed his nervous system and his digestion issues were gone and the doctors could not explain how. He also change a few more diet and exercise regimens.

Overall, he was living life in his 30's that at first seemed impossible. 

(5) Vitalist Herbalism

 I shared John's case with you to emphasis this point.  I didn't cure John,  I simply helped John to supply his vital life force what it needed to correct, redirect, balance and heal itself.  In other words, I got out of way of nature and let it do its work. Also the collaboration work together addressed not just physical mechanistic healing (just throwing drugs or herbs at the symptoms only) but holistic to the person.  Each person is unique and that's how we should work with each individual.